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Best Restaurant Software For Your Hotel & Restaurant Business

Date 29/01/2019

In a fast-paced, competitive hospitality landscape, it’s far too easy for your brand to get lost amid the chatter. To stand out, hospitality marketers must rethink their strategies. How can you ensure your brand is worth following? That’s why we are here to help; Restrofit provide robust system tools for your restaurant, Coffee shop, Fast food corner, pub, dhaba and other hotel outlet. Restrofit solutions help streamline your operations so you can focus on providing exceptional customer service. Restrofit improve operational efficiency and optimize revenue opportunity by monitoring daily business sale, purchase, stock waste and popular sale. Restrofit helps in modernizing your operations by providing various services like - table management, Inventory management, Food costing, procurement solutions and customized software services. We are helping restaurant operators reduce guests wait time, optimize operations and increase revenue.

Features of Restrofit by which you can outgrow your hospitality business:-

Table Management – Simplify your table management with us. Restrofit let you design a floor plan, take orders by table and manage multiple sections of the restaurant with ease. This approach ensure correct and rapid order preparation.

Restrofit Blog

Stock Management – You are a happy owner when your restaurant is in demand, until you run out of supply mid service. You don’t have to stress yourself with our stock management system, you will never be off-guard by low food inventories. We save you from food and stock wastage, internal thefts and shortages of supply.

Recipe and Food Costing – Your team puts a lot of efforts into crafting your dishes. Shouldn’t your software be equally carefully crafted? That’s why we designed this software so that you’ll know at a glance how much each menu item costs in terms of raw ingredients. With a clearer idea of what you make from each dish, you’ll be able to drop the underperformers from your menu and focus on items that are more profitable to serve.

Reports – You have got a restaurant to run, food to prepare, make your guest satisfied and the last thing you want to do is spend your time poring over dozens of spreadsheets. Let us do the number crunching for you. Restrofit provide a clear overview of business performance in real time despite of the fact whether you’re in the restaurant on the iPad, in the office/home at a laptop or on the road with your smartphone.

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