Cafe Billing POS

Third-wave coffee deserves third-wave software

Relevant Features

Accurate data

Weigh the inventory & use a USB scale to automatically transfer the weight or use voice commands to enter data.

Control costs

Controlling the cost of beverages and food by finding the places where waste occurs can prevent product loss.

Optimize pricing

The built-in pricing process will cost the best product price, profit margin, and optimal cost percentage.

Control sales and order as per as your need

  • Customize menu, Make popular items to the first screen.
  • Manipulate items and categories on Individual pages, like coffee, cakes, fruit, etc.
  • Use modifiers to add toppings and add-ons for your items in one click.
  • Make various dining options, like "Dine in", "take order", "delivery" and many more.
  • Give discounts and apply tax, make notes for items and for any order.

Get your customers back

  • Give your consumer full authority over their orders to look digital display how the sales process work.
  • Reward your customers with reward points by using a loyalty program to motivate them to visit your cafe again.
  • Establish personal interactions with customers and make them regular customers of coffee shops by rewarding each purchase.
  • By taking notes in the system, remember the personal preferences of each customer.

Send the order to the kitchen immediately

  • Use kitchen monitors or printers to place orders in the kitchen faster and reduce errors.
  • Items, quantities, modifiers, item and ticket comments will show on the kitchen order along with display.
  • Make as many kitchen stations as per your need.

Manipulate your inventory

  • Use purchase orders to quickly fill up your inventory with fresh products.
  • Control stock of produced items and ingredients with the production of various items.
  • Transfer goods between cafes.
  • Make your stock always perfect by performing the exact counting of stock correction from pre-advanced inventory software.

Common Features

Dashboard Monitoring
Comprehensive Reporting
Anti-theft Reports
24X7 Support
Chain Management
Expense Management