Software for Bar

Sell bear, Liqueur, Cocktails, and trace the inventory & its element.

Relevant Features

Pricing Control

Divide different areas for food, beverages, and hookahs, and set separate prices for different areas.

Order Tracking

By tracking orders, it makes us understand which waiter/captain is better at upselling and service.

Discounts System

Easy to use discounts function allows you to automatically run bar happy-hours.

Sell various cocktail & drinks

  • Pre-defined volumes of drinks (such as shots or pints) can be ordered with one click.
  • Generate items like cocktails and other drinks & Beverages by using different items Mechanism or system.
  • Software helps to Keep track of beverage inventory and insufficient inventory.

Compatible order management

  • Bartenders can accept orders through software functionality.
  • Promptly and accurately receive many orders in just one single click.
  • In your kitchen, the system gives you the function to send an order through a kitchen display or printer.

Manage sales according to your needs

  • Customize the menu display as per your requirement Manage items and categories by several types. For suppose Drinks, wine, cocktails, etc.
  • By using modifiers you can manage the drinks by utilizing add-ons In POS.
  • Restrofit Do helps to apply taxes and discount and create notes to the items or to the orders.

Create a comfortable atmosphere for your customer in bar

  • At the same time as the sales process, the order information is displayed to customers on a separate digital display.
  • Influence your customer to visit your bar often and often by rewarding them bonus marks by utilizing the loyalty program.
  • Make a pool of regular visitors for your bar.
  • Create notes on the consumer to set as a reminder of each client's personal appearance and to offers the best services to them.

Common Features

Dashboard Monitoring
Comprehensive Reporting
Anti-theft Reports
24X7 Support
Chain Management
Expense Management